Every tennis player has strengths and weaknesses and this training tool helps players improve on both. Coaches and training partners now have a resource to help the trainee by offering unrestricted movement and repetition.

SpeedFeed Tennis is mobile: securely strapped to the back of the trainer, it allows the freedom to move in all directions on the court, unhindered by ball baskets or hoppers. It provides a safer training environment that promotes laser-focused attention to the trainee, free from other distractions.

SpeedFeed Tennis is a continuous tennis ball feeder: traditional ball hoppers and baskets hinder repetition and continuity. The restriction to the coach or trainer, allowing only two or three balls before having to run back to the basket in search of another few, is inefficient.

A player may, for example, have trouble with down-the-line backhand shots. SpeedFeed provides trainers 23 tennis balls to be placed exactly where they want it, in continuous succession to target the player’s weakness. He or she can then provide timely input, make adjustments and monitor improvement more quickly.

From suicide drills to volleys to overheads and more, SpeedFeed is the tool to get your game where it needs to be.


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