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SpeedFeed is a unique tennis and baseball training aid and ball carrier, used by coaches and training partners to provide safe, uninterrupted, player-focused scenarios on the court or field. No longer is the user’s attention split between the player, acquiring balls, and the obstacle of ball baskets and buckets. SpeedFeed is secured to the user’s back, permitting unrestricted mobility and quick access to over 20 balls. The results are uncompromised focus on creating multiple training situations and the use of repetition to fix specific areas for improvement such as fore-hand volleys, hitting curveballs or fielding grounders.

affordable-tennis-ball-feederSpeedFeed Tennis is the answer to all the clumsy ball baskets and hoppers available today. Secured to the trainer’s back, SpeedFeed Tennis enhances practice sessions in a major way. Coaches no longer have to run back to the basket after 2 or 3 balls but instead have immediate access to 23 for a continuous feed. Safety is increased as ball hoppers and baskets no longer pose a hazard on the court. Finally, coaches and trainers, free from distraction, can now focus solely on improving the player’s tennis game, making an incredibly more efficient use of time.

best-baseball-feederFrom the dad working on his kid’s swing in the backyard, to coaches running a tight practice schedule, SpeedFeed Baseball will help anyone improve their game. This training tool provides mobility, increased safety and easy access to 20 baseballs, ready to be delivered to the trainee. Freedom from a ball bucket increases mobility, safety and focus on the player, making the most out of each and every practice.

homepage_image_1We are creatures of habit. Musicians play the same gigs hundreds of times over before becoming rock stars. Pilots fly hundreds of instrument approaches during training before qualification. Athletes are no different. Training is an investment of time and SpeedFeed offers value for your time.

SpeedFeed is a durable, light-weight, plastic, tennis and baseball ball feeder, secured like a backpack to the user, providing him or her convenient access to over 20 balls on the court or field. A quick manipulation of the straps, and the removable ball inlet guide, gives SpeedFeed ambidexterity, allowing the operator to reach back and receive the ball at waist level on either the left or right side. Gravity and the natural movement allowed by SpeedFeed, ensures the tennis and baseballs feed smoothly through the device to the receiving end, readily available to the user. The plastic material was chosen for durability, safety, weight and comfort. Two 1.5 inch wide adjustable knapsack straps attach to the training tool using swivel hooks making SpeedFeed mobile.

SpeedFeed provides mobility on the court or field unlike that allowed by a ball hopper or bucket. The freedom to operate independently of clumsy ball baskets, gives coaches and training partners an opportunity to repetitively recreate specific scenarios (i.e. back-hand volleys, hitting curveballs, fielding grounders etc.) that a player might be having trouble with. This is done without the interruption from having to go to the basket or hopper after only two or three balls. Coaches and training partners will find themselves constructing realistic and tactically sound drills, while gaining the advantage of an increased safety environment, thus creating a more efficient, player-focused training session.

Finally, SpeedFeed’s sleek profile (20.25" x 14" x 3.25") allows it to be used as a convenient ball storage device in the trunk of a car, at home in the closet or under the bed, as well as on the court or field.